Types of Speaker Magnets That Are Makes The Speaker Sound Better!

Nowadays, all kinds of speakers have a permanent magnet fixed behind the centre of the speaker cone. It helps to interact with the changing magnetic field generated from the electrical coil.

The speaker manufacturer uses different kinds of magnets in the speakers of various sizes. It makes the quality of tone better.

How does a magnet in the speaker works?

When the magnet in the speaker interacts with the changing magnetic field, the pulling and pushing forces move the speaker cone in and out rapidly. It helps in producing the sound.

For different sizes of speakers, another magnet is used. Let us discuss the various types of speaker magnets.

speaker magnets

Types of Magnets for Speakers

The various speaker magnets are listed below.

Ferrite Magnet

The magnets that are made by ferrite are also called ceramic magnets. These magnets crack more quickly than the other magnets. They are heavy and useful in maintaining their magnetic strength. These magnets are relatively cost-efficient.

The speakers with ceramic magnet have better sound quality when played loud. You need to make sure it does not come close to the neodymium-magnet. The ceramic magnet is not preferred to use with portable speakers or guitar amplifiers due to its heavyweight.

Neodymium Magnet

This magnet has the highest field strength than any other permanent magnet. As it is a strong magnet, it has a good frequency response. This magnet can pack the strong magnetic field into a tiny package because it has high-fidelity earbuds. If you want to reduce size and weight, you can use a smaller magnet. This magnet gets shattered quickly.

Samarium Cobalt Magnet

It has high magnetic strength, just like the Neodymium magnet. It also has good heat resistance. It is also resistant to corrosion and is also moisture repellent. It will help you to protect the speakers and for high durability. But, it is considered to be brittle and much expensive to buy.

Alnico Magnet

The Alnico magnet is made with Alnico, an alloy of aluminium, iron, nickel, and cobalt. The Alnico makes it strong and makes it less prone to cracking. But, it can lose magnetism more quickly. The Alnico makes the speaker have a warm and classic tone. The Alnico magnet is said to be expensive to buy.

These are the different varieties of magnets used in speakers these days. The sound quality becomes better by using magnet in speakers. You must need to know which magnet is best for the type of speaker you have.