What Color LED Lights Should Be Used For Lighting Home Office?

Choosing the best color combination for your home office can be a tough job because, while doing work you need to be more productive for which you need an ambient and soothing surrounding and nothing can help you better than having a right color temperature in the room to make you think more productively.

But you should know about what is color temperature and how can it help in LED home office lighting.

What is the color temperature?

When a solid object is heated against a lamp, it emits many visible radiations. The color of this radiation is defined by the temperature of the heating object. This dependency of the color of light and temperature is used to define the quantity of the white color of the lamps. This is called color temperature, which is used to describe the white color of the light source and is expressed in the standard unit of temperature i.e. Kelvin. The filament of an incandescent lamp that has a temperature around 2700 to 2800 Kelvin is yellowish-white whereas blue colors have a color temperature of 5000k, known as cool colors.

Is LED light harmful?

LED lights are often promoted as energy-efficient lightning for both inside the home and outside purposes. However, as per the experts, if LED lights are not installed in moderation, could harm the health. Blue light exposure disrupts your body’s ability to produce melatonin, a hormone that helps you fall asleep. When this process is disrupted, then you don’t feel sleepy that can help you during office works.  So, using a blue-colored LED light can help you be productive during the home office.

Fluorescent light or incandescent lights?

color temperatureMuch before the invention of fluorescent lights, offices used to go for incandescent lights as it used to be a better option that can make you feel energetic during office hours but after its invention, it has substituted the incandescent lights because of its less health side effects and cheaper rate. But there are lots of bad notions that rapidly risen regarding these fluorescent lights. It is studied that, when you sit under this light and then go to sleep, then it is most probable that you may not feel sleepy. So, this can also be a good choice for home office purposes as it keeps you active during working hours.

So choosing the right colors LED lights for lightning home office is a tough job. But choosing blue colored LED lights over other colors and fluorescent lights can help you in a lot more ways because it is energy efficient and has less harmful effects on the body, hence increasing the productivity that can help you in your home office.